Monday, July 22, 2013


Week 4 was great.  The kids started school with me as their teacher and we all survived and the kids are still eager for next week of school.  The week was a normal week with fun in the sun and good food from the new mini grill heather bought us. Friday we went to the Ocean after heather got of work and stayed all night having dinner on the beach and watching the sun set behind us. Brynn and I got to buggie board with the waves and Brody, Bridget, and Brayson played in the waves as the come up onto the beach.  Also on Friday the kids first friend here (Grayson) which was a little sad but then another boy moved in just across from us who was Brodys age so they have been having s good time playing. Which is great becsuse Brody needed someone to play with BAD.
Ok Saturday we did some running around in town amd the back to the camp grounds for wet and wild. This was an event that they put on here which is just a free for all of water balloons,  hoses, water guns, anything that you can get your hands on and have a water war for 6 hours.  Kids loved it and all the adults git in the action too. 
Sunday was a relax day until the accident.  Brynn and Brody were playing with the guitar when it became a battle for who was holding it - someone let go and Bridget happen to be standing right in line with the flailing guitar.   It hit here in the cheek which produced a cut which required stitches.  We had to driv about 40 minutes to Salisbury to the immediate care center pulling in 2 minutes before they closed.  She got 2 stitches and all is well now.
Well starting week 5 here in Virginia and so far everything is great. The house is suppose ti close Tuesday and then life will be great! Miss all of our fsmily and we want to tell them that we love them.
Post next week.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 3

Another week has gone by and it was another good one. The week started very slow because it rained Tuesday thru Friday all day everyday. But we were able to travel to Salisbury Friday night for Some food,shopping, and a Movie for the kids. Saturday went went again traveling this time to Lewes,DE . This was the first town in America very cool historic place. The kids loved the balding that still had a Cannon ball stuck into the foundation from the war of 1812 and its still there!
We went thru Ocean City Which is a Cool beach town with a lot of people and things to do. _ The kids were a little upset that they didn't get to Bade all of the fides they had but we Were not going to spend that much for Some rides : )
we went to tower beach to swim which is named after the WWII Gunnery Tower that sits by the beach . Kids liked that a lot.
This week has been the start of School and everything is off to a great start. Really hot this week but that has been good for School then take some pool Breaks and hit School Some more before Calling it a day.
Heather and I have been doing really good with helping each other Cook and clean So that has been really fun. Seems like back rubs every night for her Which I am okay with Since she is working so hard.
Will Report again next week. See YA!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2 Weeks In

Well it has been a great travel so far for the Mohr family.  Heather really likes her new job and the kids and I starting to settle in nicely to our living arrangements.  Its has been nice to downsize and not have all the clutter that we used to have but the space has been an adjustment. 
Okay on to the good stuff - we have haf some great trips to the beach on assuteague island and have had some good food and of course excellent ice cream. The 4th of July was a great week. Here at the campgrounds there were a lot of activities to keep us busy. The kids had a day of tie dying shirts ending in fun swimming on the bay, followed by fireworks on the beach. There were a lot of other activities that we did, dancing the night away with glow in the dark sticks, a parade here at the campgrounds followed by another night of fireworks.  We will keep the info coming! Love ya Kansas and our friends and family:)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Virginia Week 1

Well it has been one full week since the mohrs have been in our new home at Tall Pines Harbor Campground.  So far we have had a lot of fun with the different activities that the campgrounds puts on from music and dancing,  carnivals,  and of course the swimming pool and the beach.  
Heather has had a good start to her new job and the drive is not bad at all from the campground.  She is home by 3:00 which is great for us to have family time with her everyday.  I think the kids have adjusted well to having me at home instead of there mother even though the are super thrilled when she gets home (so I am still number two :)).
Some of the exciting things we have done so far are swimming at the bay beach here, pool, dancing at the music activities,  and most importantly seeing the ocean and swimming at the ocean.   Brayson and Brody liked getting buried in the sand and Bridget loved making her own bed in the sand and of course Brynn wanted to go out and swim with the big waves which washed us both back up on the beach.  That was a great day for the kids for sure.
We still are planning on trips to D.C., Virginia Beach,  Jamestown,  and any other places we can get to on the weekends.  I will keep you up to date as we take these new adventures.
I will leave you with the last item that we have dealt with and that is the weather. The crazy thing is that they believe that they are in a heatwave here and the high is 91 for the week., there storms are severe with 35mph winds and some lightning,  and the humidity is not as bad as one would think.  I mean I can sweat just thinking about sweating and I have our A/C unit set at 80 - 82 and that would never happen in Kansas.  Now I would imagine a hurricane is something that I would not want to be around for.
Its been a blast so fsr anf hope to have many more memorable experiences to tell everyone about.
The Mohrs.

Mohr Family

Mohr Family