Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day #2

Snow day #2 will be much better than todays.  I will sleep in and my kids will not make me want to stand outside in the snow without a coat.  I know that the idea of snow days is a good thing but sometimes when you have 4 kids locked in a house, you run out of things to do in a hurry.  A house is only so big and there are only so many things that you can do inside, haha.

By the way, our games scheduled for today have been rescheduled for February 10th.  Everything stays the same, home game and everything starts at 4:30pm with JV basketball.  Make plans to be there.  This may be the shortest homecoming week in history!!!!

Snow Days

So our school cancelled today because of this huge snow storm rolling thru the midwest.  It is sooo cold today that me and the kids can't enjoy the snow that is coming down.  I wonder if school will be cancelled tomorrow because of the snow and wind chill out there?  What are some things that you can do when you have a snow day, locked in your house with 4 kids?

Thank goodness for the Wii and its ability to purchase new games or you can even use netflix and watch TV shows or movies!  How technology is sooooo cool, really you dont even need to leave your house.  As long as you have food and family and the electric is working, then you can do anything you want right from the comfort of your living room.  How I do love the 21st Century!!!!! 

Mohr Family

Mohr Family