Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Virginia Week 1

Well it has been one full week since the mohrs have been in our new home at Tall Pines Harbor Campground.  So far we have had a lot of fun with the different activities that the campgrounds puts on from music and dancing,  carnivals,  and of course the swimming pool and the beach.  
Heather has had a good start to her new job and the drive is not bad at all from the campground.  She is home by 3:00 which is great for us to have family time with her everyday.  I think the kids have adjusted well to having me at home instead of there mother even though the are super thrilled when she gets home (so I am still number two :)).
Some of the exciting things we have done so far are swimming at the bay beach here, pool, dancing at the music activities,  and most importantly seeing the ocean and swimming at the ocean.   Brayson and Brody liked getting buried in the sand and Bridget loved making her own bed in the sand and of course Brynn wanted to go out and swim with the big waves which washed us both back up on the beach.  That was a great day for the kids for sure.
We still are planning on trips to D.C., Virginia Beach,  Jamestown,  and any other places we can get to on the weekends.  I will keep you up to date as we take these new adventures.
I will leave you with the last item that we have dealt with and that is the weather. The crazy thing is that they believe that they are in a heatwave here and the high is 91 for the week., there storms are severe with 35mph winds and some lightning,  and the humidity is not as bad as one would think.  I mean I can sweat just thinking about sweating and I have our A/C unit set at 80 - 82 and that would never happen in Kansas.  Now I would imagine a hurricane is something that I would not want to be around for.
Its been a blast so fsr anf hope to have many more memorable experiences to tell everyone about.
The Mohrs.

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  1. Love this!!!! So excited you get to experience all that awesomeness! But....I still miss you all. Ha


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