Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 3

Another week has gone by and it was another good one. The week started very slow because it rained Tuesday thru Friday all day everyday. But we were able to travel to Salisbury Friday night for Some food,shopping, and a Movie for the kids. Saturday went went again traveling this time to Lewes,DE . This was the first town in America very cool historic place. The kids loved the balding that still had a Cannon ball stuck into the foundation from the war of 1812 and its still there!
We went thru Ocean City Which is a Cool beach town with a lot of people and things to do. _ The kids were a little upset that they didn't get to Bade all of the fides they had but we Were not going to spend that much for Some rides : )
we went to tower beach to swim which is named after the WWII Gunnery Tower that sits by the beach . Kids liked that a lot.
This week has been the start of School and everything is off to a great start. Really hot this week but that has been good for School then take some pool Breaks and hit School Some more before Calling it a day.
Heather and I have been doing really good with helping each other Cook and clean So that has been really fun. Seems like back rubs every night for her Which I am okay with Since she is working so hard.
Will Report again next week. See YA!


  1. Good stuff, Brett! Enjoy it. - Tess

  2. What is bade all the fides? or the kids loved the balding? I am worried if you are teaching them and this Blog is typo laden.


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