Monday, July 22, 2013


Week 4 was great.  The kids started school with me as their teacher and we all survived and the kids are still eager for next week of school.  The week was a normal week with fun in the sun and good food from the new mini grill heather bought us. Friday we went to the Ocean after heather got of work and stayed all night having dinner on the beach and watching the sun set behind us. Brynn and I got to buggie board with the waves and Brody, Bridget, and Brayson played in the waves as the come up onto the beach.  Also on Friday the kids first friend here (Grayson) which was a little sad but then another boy moved in just across from us who was Brodys age so they have been having s good time playing. Which is great becsuse Brody needed someone to play with BAD.
Ok Saturday we did some running around in town amd the back to the camp grounds for wet and wild. This was an event that they put on here which is just a free for all of water balloons,  hoses, water guns, anything that you can get your hands on and have a water war for 6 hours.  Kids loved it and all the adults git in the action too. 
Sunday was a relax day until the accident.  Brynn and Brody were playing with the guitar when it became a battle for who was holding it - someone let go and Bridget happen to be standing right in line with the flailing guitar.   It hit here in the cheek which produced a cut which required stitches.  We had to driv about 40 minutes to Salisbury to the immediate care center pulling in 2 minutes before they closed.  She got 2 stitches and all is well now.
Well starting week 5 here in Virginia and so far everything is great. The house is suppose ti close Tuesday and then life will be great! Miss all of our fsmily and we want to tell them that we love them.
Post next week.

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